Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday - April 25, 2006

Tuesday   -   April 25,  2006
Ohio chili cook-off    -    Ken Kostal
     Cook's information
If you are coming to the Buckeye regional and Ohio state cook-off this week-end and have not sent your application in or haven't sent me an e-mail or entered online today would be a good day to reply to me at bigboppers@cros.net or call me at 419-734-4458 and let me know what you are going to cook.
WE are having cocktail's from 5:00-7:45 on friday at the holiday inn express and then dinner at Nagoya Japanese steakhouse &sushi at 8:00. I need for those cook's that are coming in on friday to let me know if they want to go to dinner. The place is right across from the holiday inn express and opened last year the week-end of the chili cook-off. They have been doing great and I am looking forward to having dinner with all you cook's so please let me know who is going to join us. The web site is www.nagoyaohio.com  if you would like to check it out.
  Sat. night cook's party is at the holiday inn express and the food from Big boppers will be served from 6:30-8-30 and you won't want to miss it. Thank you and I am looking forward to the week-end and am praying every day that mother nature will shine on us. As you get off rt. 2 on to rt.53  to get to the holiday inn express you won't miss the huge tent at our new location the regional welcome center.
See you Ken Kostal
Delaware Valley Regional    -    Dave Lorenz

Hello Chiliheads,

The Delaware Valley Regional Chili Cookoff is almost full.  We have space for two more cooks.  If you are planning on cooking, please get you’re application in by Wednesday, April 26.  The chairman is going to cut off the entries at that time.  We now have 68 cooks signed up for the event.  This will be a record day for chili in New Jersey and the Northeast!!!


Dave Lorenz

427 Commerce Lane,  #7

West Berlin, NJ.  08091

( 856.768.8700

È 609.744.4775

7    856.768.8282



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