Saturday, February 21, 2009

SATURDAY - Feb, 21, 2009

Laurel Race Track District CCO

Hey Folks

Good news the powers that be in charge of the new district cook off in Laurel Maryland has decided to green light the other 2 categories. Fred Bell will be handling the Judging and they are working on a prize structure for the Verde and Salsa. Again the people running it want this to be an annual event so if you're in the area and have a free date come on down and support them. The closest airport is BWI and it's a pretty straight shot to the cook off site.

Thanks for your time


Ghon Eckley




Rhode Island State Chili Cookoff

February 28th

Knights of Columbus,

Middletown, RI

Brief update on details:

This event will not be open to the public. There were many hurdles, at the last minute, to overcome with regulations in RI and the best remedy was to have a private event. Therefore, there will be no People's Choice. This will give the cooks the opportunity to focus on their pots.

Being an indoor event, space is limited. We are in hall that will be set up with tables and chairs. Please plan on 2 cooks to a banquet table. We may be able to stretch it to one cook per table and will make every effort to do so.

We will be able to enter the building at 12 noon. We cannot come into the building prior to this time, so please do not come earlier. The building is 2 floors. As you enter the parking lot you will see a door to the downstairs area. Enter through this door. The upstairs will be reserved for the judging area.

As this is a later start and ending time, there will be pulled-pork sandwiches and cole slaw which we will have for you as we wait for the announcements. The Knights will also have a cash bar available for drinks. A kitchen to clean your gear in is on-site.

Doors open ar 12 noon; cooks meeting 12:30; judges meeting 2pm; salsa turnin 3pm; verde turnin 4pm; red turnin 5pm

Happy travels to everyone, if there are additional questions please feel free to email

Can't wait to see you,

Kathy & Michael Freedman





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