Thursday, September 24, 2009

THURSDAY - Sept. 24, 2009


By Jerry Buma

Since this is the first time some of you will be cooking on the east coast we would like to give you a few pointers on what the judges from this area look for in a winning pot of chili.

They like the meat to be very inconsistent, large chunks, up to an inch square mixed in with the smaller pieces. The judges like the contrast of very chewy and mushy combined.

They also like large chunks of veggies since they want to know what their eating. Be sure to leave any onions, peppers and garlic [most prefer whole cloves] in easy to recognize pieces. Be sure to allow one clove a garlic for each judge.

As far as consistency goes, the east coast is more into soups than stews so be sure to add plenty of liquid to your turn in cup. What usually works is just 8 or 10 pieces of meat, preferably the big ones so there easy to find, then top off with the veggies and pour in a can of salt free tomato soup to the line and turn in [more about salt later].

Now, the big difference. Spices. Being from the east coast, cumin is not a well known spice or something that is only used in curry so be very careful with the amount you add. Its best if you leave it out completely but if you must use some no more than 1/2 tsp if your using the ground but if your using whole seeds feel free to add up to 3 Tbls. The crunchy seeds go well with the crunchy cloves of garlic. The lack of cumin can be covered up by adding scorching heat archived by adding several scotch bonnet peppers simply cut in quarters again enough so each judge can have a piece along with your kicker. Salt too is another ingredient that differs greatly. Most of our judges are very health conscious so any at all is really too much.

I hope these tips will be of helpful in allowing you to turn in a good competitive chili. No thanks necessary, we're all family.

Serious now.

Have a safe trip, enjoy the ride across the Great Divide and see you all soon.

The East Coast Cooks (just some fun)




Pure Platinum Chili Cookoff

Sometimes the task of judging a chili coo-off can be over whelming, it can be very difficult to discern the subtle differences between several excellent chili's. The difficulty can be compounded by distractions, and boy, were there distractions at the Pure Platinum Club cook-off in San Diego on September 19. Pure Platinum is a "Gentlemen's Club" near Miramar Marine Air Station, and the charity was the Injured Marines Fund.
There were twelve teams vying for the generous $1000.00 red chili prize money. Red Brecke and Dave Thomas came out and cooked peoples choice to help the cause.
Unfortunately, the crowd turn-out was not as high as was desired, but the sponser was enthusiastic about the event and will try again. Claude Covington did his usual outstanding job as Chief Judge as did Kathy Stewart as Head Scorekeeper.

The winners were:
Peoples Choice- Brian Smith (a second time cook and ready for more)
5th Place Honorable Mention - Karen Ray
4th Place Honorable Mention - Mark Hammes
3rd Place - Jim La Tendresse
2nd Place - Charlie Blosfield

1st Place - Russ Barnes
Mike Stewart





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