Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WEDNESDAY - Oct. 21, 2009

Beatty Days Regional Cookoff

The ICS web site had the wrong email address for the Beatty Days Regional Cookoff, for cooks to register. It has now been changed to the correct email address. So if your coming please register, so we have an idea how many of you wonderful, kind, generous and happy cooks are coming the GREAT BEATTY DAYS REGIONAL cookoff on October 31, 2009 and also the Dutch Oven cookoff on November 1, 2009.


Norm Gaul




WCCC 2009

A Message From the Chief Judge

Well, another one is in the books, and first of all, a huge congratulations to Maureen Barrett, Bob Hall, and Jim Watson, our new WORLD CHAMPIONS! May this be a great year for all of you!

As everyone knows, this entire affair is made possible through the efforts of a lot of volunteers, and I sincerely thank each and every one who contributed time and effort to this year's WCCC. A full list will be published in the newspaper, but there are some people I feel need to be recognized here.

First, of course, is Carol Hancock, without whom none of this would be possible. Carol found a venue with a staff and city that really wanted us there, and they went all out to make us as comfortable as possible. Thank you Carol, for everything you do!.

Fred Weiland and his lovely wife Leah. How do you properly thank these folks? Fred, a "Hat Trick" medallion winner, bestowed upon me a tiny amount of his tremendous knowledge, and I am privileged to have worked with him, and look forward to doing so in the future. Fred not only guided me, he kept score and wrangled.

Donnie Gordon. Scorekeeper extraordinaire! Donnie has kept me in line at many cookoffs over the years, and she and her team are more of the "unsung" heroes that make cookoffs run smoothly.

Jim and Wilma Maehl. What would we do without the motor home as a command post, not to mention the fact that they drove from Las Vegas just to help? Jim does so many jobs I can't list them here, but he and his team are responsible for the entire site and everything that goes with setting it up for the cooks and judges. Wilma sorts and distributes all the aprons and signs.

Linda and Bill Blakey. The Blakey's generously took on the job of Chief Wranglers. They and their crew worked tirelessly in the judges tent to make sure all the tables were ready for the many events. I know how tough this job can be, and they handled it masterfully.

Dennis and Allene Macklin. The Macklin's not only run the ICS booth, but they do any task that comes along, including counting beans in the People's Choice Chili.

Pete and Nicole Caimi. Two more folks that we couldn't do without! Pete received his "security badge", and lived up to all the tasks he was assigned in that role, and Nicole is always there to assist scorekeepers, wranglers, or anyone else who needs help.

Steve and Audry Falkowski. These folks just jump in and help out wherever needed. Audry was ever present in the scoring area or judges booth, and Steve did everything from wrangle to pass out cups to help acquire needed supplies. Our East Coast Connection.

And of course, Vicki Marnick makes everything work!

I know there are hundreds of other people I should mention, but space will not allow it here. You all know someone, or a group of someones, who did something to make this one of the best WCCC's ever. Please take some time to thank them when you see them.

Thank you ALL!

Steve Porter





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