Sunday, April 18, 2010

SUNDAY - Apr. 18, 2010


Sunday, May 2, 2010 the day after California State.

Hosted by the Lancaster & Rosamont Chamber of Commerce at Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. In conjunction with the cookoff there will be an Antique Car Show, Remote-Controlled Electric Airplanes: Build Your Model Plane and Flea Market. If memory serves me right last year the Flea Market was huge. So if you have been unable to find that precious heirloom that you just can't live without it will probably be there! Also lots of vendors with chow and other goodies. There is an RV park with full hookups right there on the Fairgrounds. I've once again been in contact with my buddies down at Area 86 to see if I can get them to fire up their Biogrephressurewhethercomptoller to prevent any untoward atmospheric disturbances (I do not want to use the W Word). If for some reason the boys at Area 86 can't get the darn thing to work our host is working on getting the cooks in a protected area. I know that some of you will say it's just a district why bother. But here's some good reason for you to bother. A district win will get you a free ride to last chance at the World. And our current World Champion came from last chance. Double district win means you cook in the WCCC, and believe me I have hung many double district signs at the World. Now if that doesn't get your motor running, the MONEY well!

Red-First-Place: $1000 Second Place: $300 Third-Place: $100

Green-First-Place: $400 Second-Place: $200 Third-Place: $100

Salsa-First-Place: $100 Second-Place: $50

People's Choice: $50

Chief Judge: Capt. Jim Maehl

Chief Scorekeeper: Donnie Gordon

Master of Ceremonies: Mark Davey

Chairperson: Mark Davey 661-974-8739 or 661-802-1178

To register go to the Lancaster Chili Showdown web site

If you need directions contact me: Capt. Jim or my cell phone at: 702-336-1941

Remember May 1 California State Chili Cookoff on Saturday at San Bernardino and May 2 Chili Showdown in Lancaster on Sunday. And you thought only baseball had a freeway series!

Good luck and good chili cooking, Capt. Jim




Travelin' Chiliheads News


Although the following may seem presumptuous,

we wanted to share it with our many chili friends.


A new experience for us is that on Monday, April 19, 2010,

we will be in the audience of Dancing with the Stars

(8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time Zones and 7 p.m. Central/Mountain Time Zones).

Barbara's daughter Deanna, who is a real estate lawyer for Disney,

was able to get us tickets.

Deanna informed us that we are on the Disney VIP list

which we hope means good seats in camera range!


Travelin' Chiliheads,

Charlie & Barbara Ward


P.S. We will not be wearing our chili cookoff apparel!





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