Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday - May 1, 2006

Norm Gaul Thank You  -  Norm Gaul
Hi all, just wanted to thank everyone that has wished me well with your cards, emails, prayers and phone calls. Chiliheads are the best people in the world. Thank you all so VERY MUCH. I am doing well and following the doctors orders and feel better everyday. Bobbie is taking good care of me and makes sure I do what I should be doing. All of your kind wishes and thoughts have helped a lot, you are all winners in my book. Good luck to all of you in this  year of competition. Looking forward to seeing you all on the great "Chili Trail" later this year.    Norm
Delaware Valley Regional    -   Dave Lorenz

Just wanted to provided some facts about the Delaware Valley Regional held Saturday, April 29th in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.


Total cooks: 78

New ICS members: 19

Red Chili Cooks: 58

Green Chili Cooks: 28

Salsa Cooks: 26

People’s Choice Cooks: 25

Breakfast sandwiches at cooks meeting: 80

Gallons of coffee at cooks meeting: 8

Spoons for judging: ~3000

Spectators: 16,253

Number of states represented: 11

Traffic backed up on the country road to get in: 3 miles in each direction

Volunteers: 80

EMS/Parking/Police: 150

Cars thru the gate: 5350

People’s choice winner: 694 tickets

Chairman’s face when the event was this successful: priceless!!!


I would like to thank every one of the cooks who came out to support this event, and to the 80 volunteers who worked the past three months to make this event as successful as it was.  It was the biggest one day event ever held in Gloucester County NJ.  Next years event is set for April 21, 2007.  Congratulations to Chuck Hoff for winning the Traditional Red Chili.  Chuck decided to cook at the DVRCC instead of the two Ohio Regionals “because he had never done well there”, good decision Chuck!  Chuck lives 120 miles from the two Ohio cookoffs, 500 miles from the DVRCC!  Also, many thanks to Steve and Audrey Falkowski, I could not have run the judging area without them.




 Dave Lorenz

427 Commerce Lane, #7

West Berlin, NJ 08091

 ( 856.768.8700

È 609.744.4775

7    856.768.8282



California State    -    Mike "ughlee" Austin

Motel of choice for the upcoming event is  And it is only a few blocks from the park.
Days Inn
1386 Highland Ave
San Bernardino Ca. Ca 92404
Phone# (909) 881-1702
Ask for the Chili Rate
Maria is the contact person
Mike "ughlee" Austin




Quartz Hill District - RESCHEDULED    -    Susie Baumberger

The 4th Annual Quartz Hill District Chili Cookoff at
George Lane Park, originally scheduled for Saturday,
June 24th, has been rescheduled to SATURDAY, AUGUST

In addition to changing the date, the George Lane Park
Board is happy to announce that 1st Place Red Chili
prize money has changed from $500 to $1,000!

For those of you who have not been to this cookoff, it
is a lovely venue, where cooks can cook on thick green
grass in a shady park, with their cars parked on the
asphalt (basketball court) immediately behind their
cooking spots on a first come/first served basis for
the first 10-12 spots.  The balance of the cooks will
have their vehicle parked relatively close to their
cooking area.  There will be a live band (NOT next to
the cooks!), and a VOLUNTARY People's Choice, with the
winning People's Choice cook winning half of the
People's Choice proceeds!  There is a large public
turn-out, so People's Choice could be sizable!  

Chief Judge, Susie Baumberger; Head Scorekeeper,
Donnie Gordon.

The reason for the rescheduling is due to two other
nearby cookoffs occurring on the same weekend.  The
Board Members of George Lane Park realized that THREE
Southern California cookoffs competing for the same
cooks in the same weekend could create catastrophic
results for all three events.  In the interest of
maximizing cook attendance at all three cookoffs, the
Board decided to reschedule.  The increase in prize
money was for the purpose of getting the cooks'
attention!  Quartz Hill LOVES chili cookoffs, and it


Ref. Susan Burt Baumberger
Los Angeles Superior Court
c/o 43356 20th St. West
Lancaster, CA  93534
Cell   661-714-6234



Colorado Cookoffs    -   Steve Tomasek

The Colorado '06 Chili Season kicks off with the Triple Regional in Cripple over the Memorial Day weekend, May 27, 28,  29.  Three days of qualifying in salsa, Verde, and traditional red chili for the World's this October back in Omaha.  Over $2,500 in prize money and trophies will be handed out EACH DAY with a nice round GRAND ($1,000) for the red winner each day.
Many hotels are selling out fast so book now. The Gold King Inn, 800-445-3607 had a AAA rate of $82/night over this sold out Memorial Day weekend, so book now.
Entry forms have been sent out so if you need information, contact Helen at:
Eldon Likkel
201 Bison Highway 67
Cripple Creek, CO   80813
Note: Helen reports a record flow of entries coming in early and space will be limited!
As usual in Cripple Creek, there will be plenty of beer coupons and the usual gambling coins in return for your entry.  We'll be back again on "Main" Street (Bennett).
The 3rd Annual Chili & Brewfest has now grown to a major event in the Aspen/Snowmass area.  The organizers this year will focus on chili with:  Goody bags, free beer, free concert tickets, low room rates, improved parking, bigger trophies PLUS A RECORD $1,000 EACH DAY for the red winner. 
Great prize money and trophies for the Salsa and Verde champs.
The Red winner gets a "leg" toward the World's finals or Q's for the Last Chance.  The salsa and Verde winners win a spot in the finals.  The entry forms sent out show an incorrect prize fund: it is a grand each day. NOTE: this is FRIDAY/SATURDAY event, JN 9 & 10.
If you need entry forms or information, contact:
Josh Behrman
432 Twining Flats Road
Aspen, CO   81611
Clinton, ILL Chili Cookoff    -   Cathy Schmedeke
The Springtacular Regional Chili Cookoff is less than two weeks away.  It will be held in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge on Saturday May 13, 2006.  Just a reminder for you cooks to get your applications in and let me know if you will be coming.
Entry Fees are Red $30.00 Verde $20.00 and Salsa $15.00   Good prize monies, winners will advance to the 2006 World Championship in Omaha in October, and represent the Springtacular Regional, Clinton Eagles Local #593, dj, and the Eagles members will be serving breakfast from 7-10am. 
If you have any questions you can contact me at, for more information, and also the ICS website.
Hope to see you there.
Thanks Cathy


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