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MONDAY - October 2, 2006

Airline travel tips for traveling to Omaha - Jim Stoddard (Alien Pilot)

Just a few notes for those of you traveling to the WCCC on aircraft.
1) You can only take up to 3 ounces of liquid/gel/paste through the
security check point
. These must be in a sealed plastic see-through bag and will be subject to personal screening. It must be out for them to inspect. You can purchase drinks once you go through security which will be allowed on the plane.
2) What to do with sauces and liquidity things for the cookoff,
including canned or bottled items? Check them. I have done this at the last three cookoffs. Packed all my frozen items and liquid, sauce, gels, creams together. They stayed frozen for over 8 hours. Don't bother with the dry ice. I would recommend checking
all "suspect liquidy items" and putting them in a sealed plastic bag in case they leak.
3) I am working with the
Manger, Flight operations Team of Southwest Airlines and he assures me propane stoves will be allowed on their aircraft...even used, but no propane bottles. He will have a hard copy of this policy by tomorrow night.
Jim Stoddard



I apologize for the delay in answering your letter, but we needed to coordinate with several different departments to make sure that we have the correct procedures and information on your request to transport propane powered stoves on SWA.

Thank you for providing all the information that you sent to us earlier. We had our representatives in Ground Operations, Flight Operations, and Occupational Safety / Health review your request and have the following information.

The answer to your question about transporting only new stoves is that SWA will allow new and used stoves that have been properly configured (no gas cylinders) and conditionally accepted to be shipped as baggage.

While there may be some confusion when the passenger tries to check in the equipment, we want to try to ensure that our Customers are accommodated to the fullest extent possible. We understand your confusion on the information you researched and are presently taking steps to correct the information on our SWA Website.

I have included the correct information (see Research Materials below) that should help your compatriots in their travels.

We have coordinated with our Ground Operations personnel so they are aware of the situation and of your group's activities this coming weekend. We have further taken the liberty to have our Ground Operations personnel notify the Omaha station of the event this weekend, so they will be aware of the various requests for shipment.

I will follow this email up with a telephone call to cover these points and answer any further questions you may have.

We hope you all have a great time this weekend!!

Best regards,

Len Legge

Manager, Flight Operations Team

Flight Operations

Southwest Airlines Company

Tel: 214-792-4815

Message from SWA Occupational Safety / Health Department:

Our policy allows propone powered stoves to be transported as long as the propane cylinder is not included in the shipment. I will work with Interactive Marketing to update the information on southwest.com to make sure that it clarifies the intent.

Research Material from our reference manuals:

From the Storm Manual:

Camping Equipment (Stoves, Lanterns, etc.)

Camping oriented baggage (backpacks, knapsacks, duffel bags, etc.) are good indicators that a Customer may be carrying camping equipment which might contain hazardous materials. Either a flammable liquid (white fuel, gasoline, diesel, etc.) or a flammable gas (propane/butane) usually fuels camping equipment. Stoves and lanterns are the items Customers normally attempt to carry.

Southwest’s policy is not to carry these items, with the following exceptions:

· Flammable Liquid Fueled Equipment:

Camp stoves, heaters, lanterns or other flammable liquid fuel camp equipment will not be accepted as checked or carryon baggage unless the stove is brand new, unused and still in the manufacturer’s package. We will not accept the flammable liquid fuel equipment if there is any evidence that the equipment has been used.

· Flammable Gas Fueled Equipment:

Camp Stoves, heaters, lanterns or other camping equipment that uses compressed gas cylinders will be conditionally accepted as checked or carryon baggage. The cylinders themselves must be removed and are prohibited in checked and carryon baggage- whether they are empty or full. (Bold and Italics added for emphasis)

Conditional acceptance is defined such that the SWA agent will inspect the equipment to verify that the gas cylinder has been disconnected and is not present.



Missouri chili winners

31st Annual Chili and Salsa Competition held Saturday in St. Louis. It was a fabulous event, the weather was perfect, the music was great and the attendance was outstanding. We had a great turnout of cooks and without further ado, here are the results
31st Annual Chili Cook-Off & Salsa Competition


3rd place Linda’s Chili (Linda Carroll)

2nd place Slent Wind Chili (Brian Dorn)

1st place George’s Chili Gang (George Rives)



3rd place Aldo’s Chili (Aldo Klinghammer)

2nd place Linda’s Chili (Linda Carroll )

1st place Mean Green Chili Queen (Linda Hurt)



3rd place Dos Amigos (Jim Bax)

2nd place Wright Stuff (Larry Wright)

1st place Team Biomed (Bruce Stahl)


People’s Choice

Chili – Fresh Pepper Chili (Rhymes Crew)

Salsa – Dos Amigos

White Chili – Boone Trail Corvette Club

Vegetarian – Patrick’s Vegetarian Chili



3rd place – Team Outback

2nd place – HT Chili

1st place – Flashover Chili (Hazelwood Fire Dept)




Utah State Chili Championship 2007
October 21, 2006
I know you're all gearing up for the 2006 World Championship, but with
the exception of THREE LUCKY WINNERS, we're all going to be hitting the
trail again. One of the first cookoffs of the new chili year will be
Utah State.
Win Utah State and you'll be coasting for the next 50 weeks. Heck, you
could make your 2007 Hat Trick all in one weekend. You could sleep in
for the next 50 Saturdays. When fellow cooks say, "Hey, where ya
cooking next?" You answer at the "FORTY-FIRST ANNUAL WORLD'S
CHAMPIONSHIP CHILI COOKOFF!" You will be admired, revered, people will
utter your name in hushed tones, you can even stop going to that
expensive therapist.
We're cooking on a flat paved parking lot. You'll be able to park where
you cook.
One place to stay that is just 5 minutes from the cookoff site is:
We DON"T have a chili rate, so you're own your own. I'll try to come up
with some other places.
You're welcome to call me (801-573-3924) or email (jeff@grumpy.com) if
you have questions.
Good luck to all of you who travel to Omaha. You're all winners.
Happy Trails,
Jeff Ray
Utah State Howlfest Chili Cookoff State
Wolf Mountain
3567 E Nordic Valley Way
Liberty, Utah

Cookoff Categories
Red Chili--Chili Verde--Salsa
Winner advances to: WCCC 2007
For More Information, Contact:
Sue Munson
PO Box 658
Eden, UT 84310

801-745-3435 x 209




Cooks Pizza Party Thursday Night









We now have 42 Hat Trick Winners,

check out the list on Dick's Contests & Winners Lists

http://members.aol.com/swenx/ (at the bottom of the page)



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