Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday - September 25, 2006

Joe DeFrates Memorial Regional
Sept. 24
Springfield, IL.
Joe DeFrates Memorial Regional
Ansar Shrine Center
The fourth annual Joe DeFrates Regional Chilli Cookoff was again held at the Ansar Shrine Center in Springfield, IL. and brought to you by the Ansar Shrine Patrol.
Leo Stork (Chairman) and the many volunteers to the Shrine Patrol do an excellent job of hosting this event.
They all go all out for the chilli cooks with free food and drinks all day long as well as very good prize monies for the contest winners.
They all work very hard at obtaining different sponsorships for the cookoff. All proceeds from this event goes to the Ansar Shrine Patrol and the Shriners Children's Hospital.
Final totals for the funds raised for the Hospital have not been completely totaled yet, but it is well into several thousands of dollars. This would not be possible without the hard work from Leo Stork and many of his Patrol members.
This event is held in honor of one of the Shrine Patrol's most famous members, Joe DeFrates.
Joe was not only famous for his Chilli in Springfield, but also throughout the country. Most of you remember that Joe is the only 2 time Champion to win both the International as well as the World's Championship.
Along with Joe's Chilli Company that he created, with the help of his Dad (Port), and his Uncle (Ray), he touched many lives and was always well respected for his gentleman like manner.
If you were ever graced by Joe's infectious smile or his soft gentle voice, you knew you had made a true friend forever.
It was a brisk cool day in Downtown Springfield which added to a perfect day for chilli.
Clouds and the threat of showers did not deter the chili cooks nor the over 900 Classic Cars in Downtown Springfield for the Route 66 Classic Car Show.
SALSA 10 contestants
8 judges
3rd = Kelly Wessing 6 pts (Farmersville, IL.)
2nd = Helen McCauly 7 pts (Springfield, IL.)
1st = Maureen Barrett 11 pts (Willow Springs, IL.)
CHILLI 22 contestants
19 judges
3rd = Linda Carroll 10 pts (Taylorville, IL.)
2nd = Jay Nicole 11 pts (Decatur, IL.)
1st = Tom Calvert 12 pts (Taylorville, IL.)
As you can see the judging was very close and all of the judges agreed it was very hard because all of the chili's were very...very good!
Tom not only walked off with $1,000 for his chilli win, he also completed his "Hat Trick"
Congratulation to all the contestants....They are all winners..
Trophies on Display
We think that it would be great for as many of you as possible to bring your favorite chili trophy to Omaha and display it in your booth If it's a choice between your cooking pot and the trophy - never mind - bring the pot! Everyone loves a winner and since the ICS is made up of winners, let's show off those trophies. Past World's Champions, you might bring those WCCC winner's banners or big checks. We're hammin' it up in Omaha!
Carol Hancock
Chief Executive Officer
International Chili Society
Ron Michel - by Joy Bilozir
Ron Michel of Calgary had an accident at work and his leg was badly broken. He had surgery to put a rod in on Saturday. Randy went to see him on Sunday evening and while he is in quite a bit of pain he is in good spirits. Unfortunately this means that he will not be able to compete at the Worlds. Randy and I will have a get well card to sign for him available at the Worlds.

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