Monday, October 23, 2006

MONDAY - October 23, 2006

Utah State Chili Championship

Saturday, October 21, high in the Wasatch Mountains just east of Odgen,
Utah the day dawned with a bright yellow sun highlighting the bold
autumn colors. Red, brown and striking gold, the leaves of the trees
shimmered as a new day began.
Still tucked in and sleeping off a wild Cooks Party from the night
before, 20 chiliheads were gently awakened by the resort staff and
given a full cooked-to-order breakfast--in bed.
After breakfast the limousines came and each cooking team was taken to
the cookoff area where they supervised the resort staff as they set-up
each cooks area to their liking.
Due to a scheduling error by cookoff chairman Jeff Ray, cooking and
turn-in times were slightly adjusted. As always the cooking teams were
gracious and responded with humor and frivolity.
At a spirited cooks meeting, first-time cooks were introduced and
“goody bags” were handed out. Along with some of the usual items;
aprons, t-shirts, underwear, and hats, cooks also received new stoves
and pop-up canopies compliments of the resort.
Starting time was marked by a full squadron of F-16’s from nearby Hill
Air Force base flying overhead. An awesome soul-stirring moment.
Within minutes the air of the high mountain valley was was filled with
the sweet smells of garlic, onions and chili.
A special massage booth was set up and throughout the day cooks were
invited to take a few minutes and refresh and relax with various
Japanese and Chinese massage techniques.
Thousands of visitors came and our band of intrepid cooks handed out
Peoples Choice late into the night.
Results of the day:
9 Contestants
Barbara Ward--honorable mention
Gary Nelson--honorable mention
Raymondo Diaz--3rd place (first time cook)
Al Henry --2nd place
Marilee Barrett--1st place
Chili Verde (Predominantly Green)
13 Contestants
Judy Wedemeyer--honorable mention
Charlie Ward--honorable mention
Raymondo Diaz--3rd place (not a bad day for a first-timer)
Kay Rook--2nd place
Joe Barrett--1st place
Traditional Red
19 Contestants
Judy Wedemeyer--honorable mention
Darol Wetzol--honorable mention
Hank Wedemeyer--3rd place
Mike Rook--2nd place
Joe Barrett--1st place
Heck of a day for the Barretts. Always happy to share, Joe took his
winnings and bought a tank gas for each cook as they headed home.
Cooks traveled from Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Nevada and Utah
to attend and support this cookoff. Their efforts are truly
Sue Munson and the staff at Wolf Mountain were great hosts and were so
impressed by the culinary talents and good grooming of the chili cooks
that they have already invited us back for next year.
Special Thanks to my Good Friend and a Great American, Blaine Robinson
for his help with scorekeeping and judging. On more than one occasion
he has stepped in to save my sorry butt!
Newly single, Blaine can be contacted at:
He enjoys boating, BBQ cooking and is well know for his butt rub.
Respectfully submitted
Jeff Ray
Utah State Chili Championship
Mississippi State
ICS Sanctioned
Chili Cookoff
Sat. 10/21/06
Richland, MS. is the new home of the ICS Mississippi State cookoff held at Eastside Park.
Over the past 20 years the Miss. State cookoff has bounced around and with the last, approximately a 6 year absence, it has found a home an is a real keeper.
Linda Goff and Becky Breland (CO-Chairpersons) decided that they wanted to do a chili cookoff for their Community and their Historical Society as its charity.
What a job these ladies did along with the help of their husband Donnie and Bruce.
They worked very hard and also got the city behind them to bring this cookoff to Richland, which is a quite community of 6,500, just south of Jackson, MS.
This a very nice and attractive bedroom community that considers family and children as their priorities.
The Eastside Park was a great setting for the chili cookoff as well as other foods, crafts, and entertainment. The Judging was held under a beautiful Gazebo in the center of the Park and the weather was just perfect.
A very large crowd including the Mayor and several city dignitaries participated in sampling the chili and salsas.
There was not a Verde contest, but to get them interested in Verde, Jerry Simmons made Verde to hand out free samples so that they could see what it was. And did everyone really enjoy it!
The cookoff drew 8 new ICS members including Richland resident, Ruby Austin, who is approaching 80 years young. Ruby has never cooked competition chili before and she really enjoyed herself. Are our seniors teaching us something ??
Enough cannot be said for all the work that Linda and Becky did and already they are talking and creating ideas for next year.
Hats off to these two ladies as well as there number one supporters... Their husbands.
All of the contestants enjoyed themselves very much and all said they would be back next year as well. You also may want to mark your calendars for this event next October.
SALSA 8 contestants
7 judges
4th = Gaylynn Goff 5 pts (Richland, MS.)
3rd = Dwight Rudisill 5 pts (Conyers, GA.)
2nd = Mary Thomas 7 pts (Clinton, IL.)
1st = Cathy Schmedeke 7 pts (Clinton, IL.) won tie break
CHILI 15 contestants
14 judges
5th = Cathy Schmedeke 7 pts (Clinton, IL.)
4th = Ruby Austin 8 pts (Richland, MS.)
3rd = Jerry Simmons 11 pts (Florissant, MO.)
2nd = Mary Thomas 11 pts (Clinton, IL.) won tie break
1st = Jean Simmons 16 pts (Florissant, MO.)
Final tabulation are not in as yet, however, it was assumed that approximatley $3,000 was raised for the Richland Historical Society.
Cathy and Jean were both certainly very - very excited and are now qualified for the 2007 WCCC in Salsa and Red Chili respectivley.
Cangratulations to all the contestants.......they are all winners.


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