Tuesday, October 07, 2008

TUESDAY - OCT 7, 2008

The Soldiers Angels District Chili Cookoff


There is a NEW Chili Cookoff in New England! Mark your calendars as The Soldiers Angels District Chili Cookoff is May 9,2009.This cookoff benefits the Soldiers Angels a NPO that supports our troops.

Please click below and take a look at the Indian Ranch link. Indian Ranch is a beautiful location where such acts as Charlie Daniels has played. It has a bar,food,ice,water to clean your pots, and all cooks will be encouraged not to bring tents/tarps as we have 2 huge pavillions to cook under. There will also

be a (early morning) Soldiers Angels Fishing tourney for those that are inclined to enter. There is camping for RV's/campers at Indian Ranch and a campground (for tents) right around the corner.

Lastly,the wonderful Audrey and Steve Falkowski will be score keeper and chief judge respectively.

More info to follow as it becomes available.

We really look forward to seeing you May 9,2009!


Kat and Michael Freedman





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