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SATURDAY - Feb. 27, 2010



The 2nd Annual RI State ICS Chili Cook Off is officially now in the books.

We can't begin to tell you everything that happened. Just a few of the highlights include the Falkowski's barley getting out of a very snowy NY to having one of the best cooks parties we've been to in a while!

We were all at the RI Convention Center in Providence, the largest indoor venue on the East Coast. We had great music and tons of vendors of all kinds!

We had 39 red chili's, 26 salsa's and 19 verde totaling 41 cooks from 12 different states.

We had five previous World champs cooking with us too!

We had a special presentation for Scott E. Navaroli who graduated the night before from the MA Fire Academy!

Chief Judge was Steve Falkowski and Chief Scorekeeper was Audrey Falkowski assisted by Sarah Freedman, Kat Freedman and VERY special guest Vickie Marnick.

On to the winners!


People's Choice was won by the Reading (MA) Fire Department. A GREAT group of guys that put on a show!



1st Marc Frechette CT

2nd Scott Navaroli MA

3rd Rick Sievering MD


Chili Verde

1st Christine Johnston PA

2nd Marc Frechette MA

3rd Jon Everin NY


Red Chili

1st Rhone Carr NJ

2nd Dave Daigle RI (2nd time he cooked)

3rd Vicki Tankis MA

4th Lauren Ray MI

5th Bill Noonan ME


The next cook off's for us are the new NY City Chili Cook Off 4-24 and then the BIG New England Regional Chili Cook Off 5-1! We hope to see you at both of them!

A VERY tired Kat and Michael Freedman CT


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