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SATURDAY - MAY 8, 2010



It rained during the week before the cookoff, and snowed in the nearby mountains. Clear weather was predicted for the weekend, but with heavy winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour in some areas. Some of the earlybird vendors who set up on Friday had their canopies blow down---not chili-cookoff-friendly weather. It turned out well, though. Saturday was a nice day with temperatures approaching 80 degrees. It got a little breezy around midafternoon, but not enough to do any harm.


The venue at the National Orange Show Event Center (new last year) is terrific. It is clean, attractive and easily accessible for both participants and spectators. The judging area is adjacent to the cookoff. Although it is not covered, May weather will usually be pleasant here. If the weather should necessitate it, there is a room right there where the judging could be held.


This event is much more than a sanctioned cookoff. It is truly a Community happening, with an open salsa contest, an open chili contest and the 6th Annual Inland Empire Menudo Championship. There were approximately 15 contestants in each of these divisions. The open chili and the menudo were judged by public sampling. The organizers of the event made 4,000 tasting kits and sold every one of them to the large and enthusiastic crowd of spectators! A little disappointing was the low turnout of ICS cooks for the sanctioned contests. Was it the weather? Or the economy? Or that old Southern California standby: Too many cooks already qualified? In any case, there were only 26 ICS red cooks.


Entertainment was the theme of the day in all categories. There were Folklorco dancers, high-stepping marchers, mariachi players, gunfighters (both hired and booth-centered) and the ever-popular karaoke contest. These were enhanced by the Mr. Hot Sauce, Miss Chili Pepper, Shoot 'n' Holler and Chili-Eating contests.


The ICS contests were well and truly judged. Mike Austin, who chairs this cookoff, is a long-time resident of San Bernardino, and a very popular fellow. As a result there is always a plethora of local folks who want to participate as judges, from politicians to newsfolk to friends who are interested in the cuisine. They were balanced by a good turnout of "regular" judges. In every case there were more judges on each table than there were bowls submitted by the contestants!


Bill and Karen Ray officiated as Chief Judge and Scorekeeper. They were assisted by numerous chiliheads including, but not limited to, Steve and Aggie Wright, Mary Ellen Weber, Sylvia Steinberg, Allene Macklin and Sachiko Brecke. Around mid-day we were surprised to see Dave Hancock arrive. Carol, we knew, was attending the 25th Anniversary of the New England Regional Cookoff in Connecticut. We suspected that there was an ulterior motive besides "wanting to see the new venue", but we had to wait until the awards ceremony to hear him announce that the venue for the 2010 World's Championship Chili Cookoff will be Manchester, New Hampshire!


And the winners were:

Best Decorated Booth:

2nd, Russell Barnes, Sancho Blanco Chili

1st, Bruce Pion, Killer Chili



2nd, Bruce Pion, Killer Chili

1st, Russell Barnes, Sancho Blanco Chili


Not given an award but worthy of mention was Eric Stewart, displaying what emcee Steve Porter referred to as "that bitchin' race car"!


Salsa (16 entries):

3trd, Sachiko Brecke

2nd, Armando Sanchez

1st, Howard Choate


ICS People's Choice Chili:

3rd, Russell Barnes

2nd, Bruce Pion

1st, Matthew Tapping


Chili Verde (13 entries):

3rd, Russell Barnes

2nd. Irene Menchaca

1st, Eric Stewart, who is now a 3-time chili verde winner at California State!


Traditional Red Chili:

5th, Jim Beaty and Howard Choate tied

4th, Don Hammes

3rd, Tony Angotti

2nd, Eileen Beaty

1st, Mike Ford---his second time to be the California State Champion!


Good luck to the winners in New Hampshire in October.


Submitted by Karen Ray



Additional info from Mike Austin

I want to thank Donnie Gordon for Chief Scorekeeping all the Non-ICS Sanctioned contests at the 37th Annual California State and 6th Annual Inland Empire Menudo Championships. Donnie was assisted by Willma and Capt. Jim Maehl all of them traveled from Las Vegas. This is the 6th year they have handled these events for The Friends of San Bernardino City Parks. This is a big job at the State as we have large crowds and lots of people's Choice Ballots to get from the ballot boxes and count. They also had some help from Dale Estvander and his daughter in-law Jackie. Dale was the person who got me interested in cooking chili back in 1989. I still hate him. I have already set the date with the National Orange Show for our next years event.

The first Saturday in May 2011. Oh Boy!

I also want to thank our Emcees for the day, Steve Porter, main stage and Claude Covington our 2nd stage. They are really great and keep things rolling. I also want to thank MiMi Voiles for emceeing the Mr. Hot Sauce Contest, pouring tequila for the Shoot and Holler, help to fill up chili bowls for our Chili Eating Contest and getting sign-ups for all our stage contests. There are lots of folks that need recognition for helping me during the day from the early hours, Tony Austin, Jeff Meads, Mike Austin Jr., Mike Austin 3rd. and our Stage manager and decorater Dennis Macklin. Dennis brings me the ICS Trailer a week ahead of time to load at my house and then pick it up and brings it to the event. Our committee really did a great job, with set up, sales and trash. Thank You All. I know I will forget someone, and please forgive me if I do.

Thank You Bill and Karen Ray for a job well done!


Thanks to all the cooks, without you we would not have a cookoff.


And the Winners are:


Restaurant/Open Chili

1st Marsha Wohler Parker Arizona

2nd Euforsia Saldana San Bernardino Ca.

3rd Jaquie Washington San Bernardino Ca.


Menudo Contest

1st Abel Silva 5 years Straight

2nd Ramon Calderon

3rd Margaret Vasquez


Best Firefighter Chili

1st Dave Bailey


Thank You so much.

Mike "Ughlee" Austin

Chili Cookoff Chairman






What a week-end we had in Port Clinton, Ohio for the 15 annual Buckeye regional and 13 annual Ohio State chili cook-off.We had 37 cooks from 9 states and Canada come in town for the fun. Most cooks stayed at the Holiday inn express ( Thank you Kim for the great rate and the greatest service !!! ). The cook-off was about half a mile from the hotel at the historic Mon Ami restaurant and winery.The chili god was with us on sat and kept most the rain away and the winners were


Salsa 17 entries 21 judges

3rd place Tom Pardikes Plymouth, Michigan 14 pts $ 25.00

2nd place Jim Stoddard Coppell, Texas 16 pts $ 50.00

1 st place Judith Omerza Wilkes Barre. Pa 29 pts $ 100.00


Chil Verde 23 entries 28 judges

3rd place Judith Omerza Wiles-Barre, Pa 14 pts $ 50.00

2nd place Bob Kyle Dearborn, Michigan 21 pts $ 100.00

1st place Lauren Ray Livonia, Michigan 23 pts $ 250.00


Red Chili 32 entries 37 judges

5th place Judith Omerza Wilkes-Barre 8 pts $ 25.00

WE had a four way tie for first !!!!

4th place Larry Lentz Nicholasville, Kentucky 11 pts 1 pt tb $ 50.00

3rd place Gail Donovan Cincinnati, Ohio 11ps 3 pts tb $ 100.00

2nd place Diane Lentz Nicholasville, Kentucky 11pts 6pts tb $ 250.00

1st place Kit Hoff Columbus, Ohio 11pts 8pts tb $ 500.00


On Sunday the chili gods were not enough to keep the severe weather away, just as turn-in for verde came so did the rain,luckily the wind wasnt as bad as they called for.We got a second blast right at turn in time for the red. Thanks to Bob Hall and John Hillman they had tarped the stage area in case of bad weather and for the most part the judgs and scorekeepers stayed dry !!! The winners were


Salsa 17 entries 15 judges

3rd place Scott Barrett Willow Springs, Illionis 9pts $ 25.00

2nd place Richard Chauvin Windsor, Ontario 16 pts $ 50.00

1st place Pete Skwiers Livonia, Michigan 19pts $ 100.00


Chili Verde 23 entries 21 judges

3rd place David Mallory Kitt Hills, Ohio 12 pts $ 50.00

2nd place Gary Ray Livonia, Michigan 13pts $ 100.00

1st place Bob Kyle Dearborn, Michigan 13 pts won tie breaker $250.00


Red Chili 29 entries 24 judges

5th place Lynn Berkebile Vermillion, Ohio 4pts $ 25.00

4th place Jim Stoddard Coppell, Texas 5pts $ 50.00

3rd place Gail Donovan Cincinnati, Ohio 5pts won tie breaker $100.00

2nd place Diane Lentz Nicholasville, Kentucky 7pts $ 250.00

1st place Gary Ray Livonia, Michigan 9pts $ 500.00


Despite the weather 1800.00 was raised for the Salvation Army " Tools for school program ".

Thank you

Ken Kostal
Big Boppers




Homegrown Folk Festival I & II

Back to Back Chili Cookoff is complete

We finished with Great Winners and Wonderful Vendors.

Weather was not the greatest, but the cooks came thru for us.

I want to thank everyone who helped with this event. The venue is a large place and took alot of supporters to help.

Thanks to Bill Blakey, without him I couldn't do these events. Sherry Epperson was the cheif scorekeeper and Judi Bruce(president) of Raintree Arts Council. Additional thanks to Jon Moran(President elect) Jerry Epperson, Becky Graver, Melvin Underwood. Holly Mabry, Brian and Kazaya. Special Thanks to Mike Brewer who hand painted the Trophies. Thanks to Mark and Linda Hurt who helped close the event

Homegrown I Winner List


Red Cooks 12 count

4th Place. Jerry Simmons

3rd Place Jill Simmons

2nd Place Jan Caldwell

1st Place Larry Wright ( got one under his belt)


Verde 12 count

2nd Place Allen Miller

1st Place Brian Raney( New ICS Cook) on his way to the World


Salsa 10 Count

1st Place Allen Miller


Anything Goes 7 count ( We appreciate this number helps raise money for

Raintree Arts Council)

1st Place Larry Wright


Both events Raintree Arts Council


HomeGrown Folk Festival II and Chili cookoff

Thanks again to everyone who helped This is only the second year for the event so we are growing. Twice the cooks , so we are building to Regional


Red Chili 11 cooks

4th Place Mary Cannon

3rd Place Jerry Simmons

2nd Place Dennis Schulze( see I spelled it right this time)

1st Place Jim Weller


Verde 11 cooks

2nd Place Linda Hurt

1st Place Jim Weller(going to represent Raintree at NH



1st Place

Larry Wright( also going to NH


Anything goes

1st place Jim Weller(again)


Also Thanks to Paula, she organized the Crafts and Artisans for this event. They were wonderful.

Thanks to all the Cooks that came to Troy. This has been a successful cookoff inspite of little crowd and crappy weather(ha)


Next Events

Clarksville Missouri Regional

June 5th

Riverfront Park

Clarksville, Mo.


Show -Me Missouri State(formally at West Port in Sept)



June 6th, 2010







Village of the Blue Rose

53-242-3539 (7 miles)


Rivers Edge Motel(10 miles)

Louisiana 573-754-4522


Tievoli Hills Resort

Crown Valley Winery

RCI campgrowns


Villas 888-788-7638 (6 miles Hwy N)


Cedarcrest Manor(B& B) 573-242-3310

Rackheath House (B&B


Wonderful 1860 s homes with all the trimmings.


See you in Clarksville


Call 573-242-3920(just try and catch me at home)




Hillcrest Lodge & Rest

Hwy 79 N

Elsberry (15 miles)




Bakersfield Optimist Club Regional Chili Cookoff


Next weekend is a GREAT event at the DOME in Bakersfield - What else a Chili Cook-off


May 15, 2010

2201 'V" Street

Bakersfield, CA


Regular cooking times


Red - $35.00 -

$350.00 1st

$250.00 2nd

$100.00 3rd


Verde $15.00 -

$150.00 1st

$100.00 2nd

$50.00 3rd


Salsa $15.00 -

$150.00 1st

$100.00 2nd

$50.00 3rd


All events qualify the winners to cook in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Manchester, NH on Oct. 2 & 3


Please go to the ICS website & put in your application or contact Walter @ or Barry (Chief Judge) at (818) 887-1467,


Looking forward to seeing everyone there,

Sylvia & Barry




The Old Town Elk Grove Foundation Presents

The 3rd Annual Old Town Elk Grove

River City Regional Chili Cookoff

Saturday, May 22, 2010

10:00 – 5:00

Live Entertainment, Food Court, Beer Garden, Art & Craft Vendors& Kids Area


Division Entry Fees Trophies & Cash

ICS Red Chili $40.00 ICS Red $750

ICS Chili Verde $30.00 ICS Chili Verde $300

ICS Salsa $25.00 ICS Salsa $150

Best Booth (All Contestants Eligible) 1st Place $150


Trophies & Cash for 2nd & 3rd in Red & Chili Verde Categories

Winners Advance to 2010 World's Championship Chili Cookoff

Don't Miss Out on Your Chance to Taste Some of the Best Chili in the West!

Location: Behind the Store

"The Red Door Antiques"

9056 Elk Grove Blvd

Elk Grove, CA 95624



Cookoff Information:

Set up @ 7:00 a.m.

Cooks Meeting @ 9:00 a.m.

Salsa Turn in @ 11:00 a.m.

Chili Verde Turn in @ 1:00 p.m.

Red Chili Turn in @ 3:00 p.m.


Extended Stay Hotel

Official River City Regional Hotel

Mention Old Town Elk Grove Chili Cookoff

when making your reservations.

2201 Longport Ct,

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Phone 916-683-3753

Call the local number to get the discount – NOT their 800#

Contact: Robert Gonzales.


Located at I-5 Laguna exit, Apprx 8 miles from the cookoff site.

Reg. $84.99 - $89.99

ICS Discount Rate $59.99

(Rooms are blocked out until May 15th, 2010. After the 15th they return to Reg Price)


David & Kathy Hipskind – Chief Judge & Scorekeeper

916-714-0619 or 916-743-2350

. or www.chilicookoff .com to sign up and get more information

We will offer a $5 discount per category if you sign up before May 15, 2007, using the ICS website





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