Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday - May 2, 2006

Buckeye Reg. and Ohio State   -   Bob Hall
What a great weekend in Marblehead, OH on the shores of Lake Erie for the Back to Back cookoffs for the Buckeye Regional and the Ohio State.
The weather turned out to be very nice after threatening rain, it was in the upper 60's and mostly sunny.
Friday evening "get together" was a lot of fun and laughs as 20 something gathered at Nagoya's Japanese Steak House for a very entertaining evening. The Chefs at the tables were very entertaining and all had lots of laughs.
Sat. morning when the cooks arrived at the beautiful, new, Ottawa County Visitors Bureau Building, Ken Kostal (Chairman) had a very large tent and tables set up for the cooks so that all they had to do was to pull up and set up there equipment. This is a very easy cookoff to do. Ken always has all of the "grunt" work done for you.
After a day of cooking with some of the best cooks in the World, We all went back to the Holiday Inn, where everyone was staying, and were we entertained.
Unless you were there you can't imagine what a party and a feast than Ken and his friend Diane had planned for all of us. The food and drinks were endless. Not only did they have fresh Walleye, but fresh Lake Perch as well. Ken and Diane had ribs, meatballs, shredded pulled pork not to mention all of the other delicious trimmings. Diane did not stop with her beautiful decoration and desserts, she also had a working chocolate waterfall to dip your strawberries into.
Of all off the cookoffs that I attend all over the country, this has to be one of the best and most complimenting to the cooks and judges. Ken and Diane go all out to make our weekend memorial.
Not only does Ken do the work to get us rooms at the beautiful Holiday Inn Express for $49 for a room that goes for $109, he is also Chairman of the cookoff and Diane is Head Scorekeeper, they just work endlessly to make all of the contestants feel welcome.
It appears there efforts are paying off because of the attendance and the class and caliber of the cooks as well as the judges picking very good winners.
As I go over the list of finalist and Winners it is like the ICS of who's, who.
After two days of cooking and judging with 132 bowls judged with 125 judges, we have the winners!
SALSA.... 17 contestants
3rd = Jeff Netser 9 pts. (Seymour, IN.)
2nd = Lynn Berkebile 11 pts. (Vermilion, OH.)
1st = Diane Lentz 22 pts. (Nicholasville, KY.)
VERDE.... 19 contestants
3rd = Bill Donovan 12 pts. (Cincinnati, OH.)
2nd = Rick Gieger 19 pts. (Chicago, IL.)
1st = Julie Netser 24 pts. (Seymour, IN.)
CHILI.... 34 contestants
5th = Harry Lynch 4 pts. (Summersville, WV)
4th = Maureen Barrett 6 pts. (Willowsprings, IL.)
3rd = Tom Hoover 7 pts. (Columbus, OH.)
2nd = Gail Donovan 7 pts. (Cincinnati, OH.) won tie break
1st = Jim Weller 10 pts. (Bloomfield Hills, MI.)
SALSA....15 contestants
3rd = Ken Horn 12 pts. (Plymouth, MI.)
2nd = Gail Kyle 12 pts. (Dearborn, MI.) won tie break
1st = Scott Barrett 24 pts. (Willowsprings, IL)....Completes "HAT TRICK"
VERDE....15 contestants
3rd = Kimberly Mallory 17 pts. (Scottown, OH.)
2nd = Jim Neves 18 pts (Ludlow Falls, OH.)
1st = Maureen Barrett 31 pts. (Willowsprings, IL.)
CHILI....32 contestants
5th = David Mallory 4 pts. (Scottown, OH.)
4th = Annette Horn 4 pts. (Plymouth, MI.) won tie break
3rd = Diane Lentz 6 pts. (Nicholasville, KY)
2nd = Kit Hoff 9 pts. (Columbus, OH.)
1st = Larry Lentz 11 pts. (Nicholasville, OH.)
Congratulations to Scott on completeing his "Hat Trick".
Not only did Larry win the chili, he also won the raffle and he donated all back to the cookoff charity (Salvation Army).
The director of the Salvation Army, Stephanie Lowe, was just totally impressed with all the ICS people and their generosity. It is unknown at this time, but several hundred dollars was raised from the cookoff for the Salvation Army.
Mark your calendars for April 28 and 29 for 2007.
Congratulations to all the contestants. They are all winners!
5th Annual Wheeling Feeling    -   Rose Warmuth 
The 5th Annual Wheeling Feeling chili cook off in West Virginia,( about 45 miles south of the Pittsburgh, PA airport) is scheduled as always for the first saturday of June. We hope that folks will come to our beautiful waterfront in downtown Wheeling to cook on June 3 as set up begins at 8:30 am... but let us not forget about the cooks party the friday night before the cook off as we party at the Wheeling Island Gaming & Racing Center beginning at 6:30 pm in the Victorian parlor overlooking the greyhound races! There are several area hotels and the gaming center also has rooms so probably the easiest thing is to call the Wheeling Visitors Bureau to get a hotel list (#1-800-828-3097) . We have special cooks gifts to celebrate this 5th year anniversary and over $2, 500 in prize money in various categories & places. This year we are adding second & third awards to the showmanship category along with a spirit award for a Hot Pepper Gal & Hot Sauce Guy! There will be a crowd pleasing steel drum band, car cruise and a demonstration event to try your arm at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball pitching spectacle! The main thing is the red chili, verde & salsa competition so come on down, over , up or across & Get The Wheeling Feeling on June 3rd, 2006. My husband Brian -serving as Head Chili, and I as Chairperson cannot wait to welcome the cooks to this City of Wheeling event! Anyone can register on the ICS website and can call me at my office , at the City of Wheeling Legal Dept.(#304-234-3636) or home (304-232-8008).
Cheers to the Chili Cooks,
Rose Warmuth 
Back on Line    -     Ron & Dolene Michel
Put out our new address.
Thanks, Till We Cook Again
Ron & Dolene Michel

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