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MONDAY - November 6, 2006

Chiliblast - Florida State; November 4, 2006

On a beautiful (albeit a bit windy) day in Clearwater, on the West Coast (of Florida, for non-Floridians), the 2006 Chiliblast took place at Coachman Park. A great event and a “cooks’ cookoff” in every respect.


The first Florida “qualifier” in the 2007 chili season drew over fifty superb cooks from five states; multiple 2006 WCCC qualifiers, to include three 2006 “Hat Trick” winners and four (4) cooks from each of both the Verde and the Traditional Red 2006 WCCC Finals Tables. Those numbers, among many other facts, speak volumes for the high esteem in which Chairman Doug Roy’s (and the “real power behind the throne” – his lovely bride Carolyn) Florida State Championship is held among ICS members…a highly merited esteem, re-earned by this year’s event.


Now for the results:


Best Booth

2nd Place: “Thunder and Mud Chili” – Will Johnston, Head cook

1st Place: “Colorado Cowboy Chili” – Chris Everhart, Head cook


Salsa (30 cooks)

Finals Table: Randy Gilchrist, Reyna Martin, Ron Dahlgren, Marilyn Frederick, Mike Prejean, Don Stuewe, Kurt Rolf, Scott Barrett, Ray Lampe, Ryan Kistner

5th Place: Don Stuewe

4th Place: Ray Lampe

3rd Place: Marilyn Fredrick

2nd Place: Scott Barrett

1st Place: Ron Dahlgren (will represent Chiliblast at the 2007 WCCC)


Verde (17 cooks)

3rd Place: Bob Hall

2nd Place: Pam Nelson

1st Place: Marilyn Fredrick (will represent Chiliblast at the 2007 WCCC)


Red (51 cooks)

Finals Table: Tim McAfee, Reyna Martin, Ron Dahlgren, Jake White, Larry Hines, Dave Lorenz, Tim Nunn, Ken Burke, Clara Ann Bailey-Spice, John Gicking, Ryan Kistner, Glen Hill, Bradley Boyden, Scott Sprouse, Terry Smith, Doug Smith, Robert Simpson, Steve Tomasek

5th Place: Terry Smith

4th Place: Dave Lorenz

3rd Place: Glen Hill

2nd Place: Steve Tomasek

1st Place: Scott Sprouse (will represent Chiliblast at the 2007 WCCC)


In every respect, a great event at a beautiful waterside setting (Intercoastal Waterway). Maximum kudos and “attaboys” to the city of Clearwater, the volunteers and especially, Doug and Carolyn for a superb job.


Sergei Kowalchik

Chief Judge




Tolbert Original Behind the Store results - Terlingua Texas


News from roaming reporter Jim Stoddard encamped in the desert at ICS hill in Terlingua Texas.
These are results from today's Tolbert International Championship. Only those cooking on the ICS Hill are mentioned.
21st pl. Jim Stoddard TX
20th pl. Kathy Plager CO
15th pl. Mick Joplin TX
9th pl. Al Henry CO
4th pl. Wes Carlson IL
1st place ******** Bob Plager CO (Third time to win this Championship)
(4 Prunes)


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