Thursday, November 02, 2006

THURSDAY - November 2, 2006

Mighty Moose Regional
3rd Annual Mighty Moose Regional
The best move of the day came early Sunday morning when the moose's 10 year old son said "dad you haven't been to church for the last three Sunday's ". The chili god's were spoken to and ask for a better day than we had for Saturday and what might be in store for Sunday. Saturday rain, sleet,and hail and VERY windy gave way to a nice sunny,little cool and some wind Sunday that was a blessing. Even Mr. Canada Rich ( I don't need a coat) Chauvin would of been wearing one on sat.
19 cook's of which 18 cooked at the world and one new cook Linda Sholar ( sorry I forgot to announce on Sunday ) , she might be a new cook ,but at Omaha she got her other half Jim to win the best con-agra display, so now she has her own chili pot. With her table sticking half outside the perfect size tent for all the cook's and also the judging was done inside the tent to make room for more Cleveland Brown Backers inside the bar that sponsored the cook-off.
And boy did we have plenty of great judges 16 for salsa, 20 for verde and 17 red judges made there way around the table in a very orderly and got done well in time, that even Mr. chief judge Bob Hall who was cooking at the first table probably didn't think it could get done on time, but with super scorekeeper now my fiancé ( I hope spell check will help on this one) Diane Schluchter and Nancy Hillman they had smoke coming off the pencils. They got everything tallied up and even had to break a tie in verde and red in under 45 minutes !!!! With me battling my first major cold in year's, I only got yelled at once for not doing my job.With a big THANK'S to all the cook's that came and supported the cook-off the winners are
Salsa 11 contestants 16 judges
First place Gary Schmeh 14 points 50.00
second place Gail Donovan 13 points 25.00
third place Bob Hall 11 points 10.00
Verde 15 contestants 20 judges
First place Gary Schmeh 19 points !00.00
second place Debbie Williams 11 points 50.00
third place Tom Hoover 11 points 25.00
Red 14 contestants 17 judges
First place Lynn Berkebile 13 points 300.00
second place Tom Hoover 12 points 100.00
third place Larry Lentz 12 points 50.00
The pressure is on Lynn since the first year salsa winner Tom Hoover went on to win the world's championship and last year's verde winner Jerry Simmons just won the world verde title, Lynn has to keep the streak alive !!! Gary Schmeh this year's verde winner was second at the world and we also had Rich Chauvin who was fourth in the world in verde and the current world champ Jerry Simmons judge the verde and cooked in the red.We had three cook's that have already won the red that could not cook. Chuck Hoff won in Michigan, Jean Simmons won in Mississippi and Bill "Gumby, Mr YMCA leader Donovan won in Illinois.The Browns Backers raised over 700.00 for breast cancer awareness. To end the day the Brown's also won !!!!
Thank you Ken Kostal


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