Monday, December 04, 2006

MONDAY - December 4, 2006

Desert Rat Regional
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Dirty Ole Phil
Phil Morosky
Roadside Chili
13063 Gilbert St.
North Edwards, Calif. 93523-3433




Please remove the Days Inn as our Motel of Choice For the California State 5/5/06. They do not want to give us a Chili Rate. Also the neighborhood has really changed for worse. Although they are the closest of Motels.
Days Inn
1386 Highland Ave
San Bernardino Ca. Ca 92404
Phone# (909) 881-1702
Email address change Rory & Dianne McDonald

Our email address has changed to This is due to a change in our Internet service provider.

Rory & Dianne McDonald .



Looking for Photo by Mike Kropp

In organizing our 2006 World's photos for our web site and photo album, I
realized I didn't have a good picture of Jerry Simmons up on stage for
winning the verde championship. The photos on the ICS web site are too low a
resolution for my purpose. If you have a good 3+ megapixel photo, can you
please send it to me at I will credit you if I use it on
our web site.




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