Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TUESDAY - November 7, 2006

Terlingua "Behind The Store/Tolbert" Results -
by Bob Plager (Prune Man)
The 40th Annual Original Tolbert Terlingua International Chili Championship (Behind The Store) is behind us now, just like the ICS's World Championship is for 2006. This years "party in the desert" was awesome and fun filled for all involved, especially for me, Bob Plager, since I won the Championship for the 3rd time in 11 years (yes, with PRUNES). In my delirium, I was quoted as saying, "3RD TIMES THE CHARM", and "VIVA LA PRUNES"!!!!
We had 11 cooks this year on ICS Hill (Truett Airhart - BBQ Aficionado (7th Place Ribs) & overall cook, Wes Carlson - 4th Place, Al Henry - 9th Place, Mick Joplin - 15th Place, Kathy Plager - 20th Place, Jim Stoddard - 21st Place, Ed "Doc" Pierczynski, Judy & Rick Omerza, Sue Schools, Dave Schulman, and myself Bob Plager. Sue Schools, Dave Schulman, Joey Sutphen, Nikki Hedrick, and Cecil Schmidt were 5 out of 41 competing in the Last Chance Cookoff on Thursday, but did not make it to the Top 3 to qualify. Many more ICS cooks were spread out down and over the hills from us, Gloria & Mike Stevens (Gloria placed 7th), Jim Hedrick (with daughter, Nikki), and Debbie Turner (with husband, Wayne/Gabby), and many more over at CASI, 5 miles up the road. For those ICS cooks who have never been down there, it's worth the trip at least once, to see where all this chili madness we all do, started 40 years ago. Heck, you might even come back year after year, like many of us chiliheads do.
BBQ wings, ribs, brisket, black eyed peas, and beans (Gloria Stevens placed 9th) were cooked and turned in on Friday, as well as a Margarita mixoff on Friday night. Several of us competed in those contests and several of us competed in turning in Salsa at CASI. Judy Omerza (ICS 2003 Salsa Champ) placed 10th in Salsa at CASI. The Omerza's were the "rookie" cooks this year in our camp. We were also blessed with the presence of Ginny Carlson and Mick's girlfriend, Gina (who will be joining ICS for 2007 competition).
At CASI, it was a who's who of ICS cooks that placed in chili, with Bo Prewitt - 3rd Place, Georgia Weller- 5th Place, Bruce Jones - 7th Place, Jim Weller - 13th Place, Dan Bauer - 15th Place, Cindy Reed Wilkins - 18th Place.
It was really nice seeing my buddy, Dick Swenberger, back this year (thanks for helping on score keeping with me on all the Friday events), as well as seeing Roger Koltz, Dan & Janie Bauer judging BBQ ribs and brisket.
There are truly too many other people to actually list this year who were there . It just goes to show, that chili cooks are chili cooks, whatever "political" affiliation they are (appropriate for today's elections?). I just want to personally thank ALL of the cooks who joined us in the "middle of nowhere" to cook chili this year.
Bob Plager
'96,'98, & '06 Tolbert Terlingua Champion
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