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WEDNESDAY Aug. 20, 2008


The Montana State chili cookoff was held in Manhattan, Montana on saturday, August 16. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were 19 cooks in attendance from Alaska, Colorado. Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Utah and Canada. On friday night there was a cooks party hosted by the Manhattan chamber of commerce, that included polled pork sanwiches, beans, salads, and apple crisp for dessert. There were chili themed prizes that the cooks were eligible to win throughout the day. The first prize for all three catergories were beautiful silver belt buckles crafted by the Montana Silversmith Company along with cash prizes for three places in each catergory. This cookoff is held in conjunction with the annual potato festival and their are lots of fun things to see and do, including the parade which ran right past the cookoff site.There was also also a peoples choice competition which attracted 7 local cooks and some of them are intrested in trying their hand in the ICS event next year.

A special thanks to Kathy and Bob Plager whom came all the way from Colorado to assist in Judging and Scorekeeping. It was a great day seeing old friends and making new. Thanks to everyone. Bronco Bob





!st Joy Bilozir, Canada

2nd Debbie Turner, Utah

3rd Randy Bilozir, Canada



1st Randy Bilozir, Canada

2nd Al Henry, Colorado

3rd Rod Smith, North Dakota

4th (lost tie breaker) Joy Bilozir, Canada



1st Rod Smith, North Dakota

2nd Joe Barrett, Idaho

3rd Mary Ann Smith, North Dakota

4th Diana Kriger, Alakska


Peoples choice chili:

1st Randy Paul, Manhattan

2nd Ray Rider, Manhattan

3rd Breanna Feddes, Manhattan (Bob and Darol's 17 year old Grandaughter)




Hudson Valley Regional

Due to the change in date of the 2008 world Championships, the Hudson Valley Regional Chili Cookoff at Woodstock Harley-Davidson in Kingston NY will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2008.


This is a great cookoff, so make sure you come out and support the various charities this large Harley-Davidson dealership sponsors. October is PRIME time to be in the Northeast with all the beautiful colors and the bikers love to taste the chili.


Make sure you call early for your hotels, as they fill up fast with "leaf-peepers"


If you have any questions, call Steve Falkowski at 845-227-2425 or email at




The Connecticut State

9/20/2008 at (Beautiful) East Shore Park ,350 Woodward Ave.,New Haven, Connecticut.

This is the Connecticut State's 16th year! There is a good reason why this Chili Cookoff is a Chili Cooks favorite!

Red Chili Verde Salsa

1st prize is $500.00/trophy ......1st - $300.00/trophy...... 1st - $100.00/trophy

2nd - $200.00/trophy ...............2nd - $100.00/trophy
3rd - $50.00/trophy ..................3rd - $100.00/trophy

*Best Booth 1st Prize $50.00

*First Time ICS Cook 1st Prize is $100

*People's Choice 1st Prize $250 and a trophy

The Connecticut State also has the "Road to Las Vegas Cup" for ICS cooks that have already qualified for the WCCC! So, please come and see all of your friends and make some new ones September 20th,2008 in beautiful Connecticut!

Great music,food,kids activities and arts and crafts all at the VERY scenic East Shore Park. There is water to clean your dirty gear with as well!

Jerry Buma the International Chili Society (Red) World Champion will be in attendance. Jerry won here last year to advance to the WCCC!

You can sign up here

Or contact Sharon Willard

781 Whalley Ave.
New Haven, CT 06515

203-387-7700 x 220





CAN Anyone Help ?
Greetings! What better spot to address my inquiry than your
illustrious Society! My problem is no doubt a familiar one, but (since the recipe appeared in a Palo Alto Times, newspaper in l965) I have treasured that same recipe! But now, due to
carelessness, moving about the planet, or whatever (!) I have it no longer, and am facing the
future without the recipe for
Anyway. . . . the story was as follows, as it appeared along with
the recipe in the newspaper's culinary-delight-pages:
It was stated that: " the gentleman who originated the recipe, was
a Push-Cart- Vendor in San Antonio, Texas, who"from the sales of this fabulous chili was able
to put his children through college." I am hoping that this was an unusual case, and
might stand out in the memory of other "chllians! It called for cubes of beef-steak, but the
rest has escaped from the confines of said memory, except for the name: "TEXAS HERITAGE
So,. . . I shall hope to hear from ANYONE who might have a clue to the
retrieving of this jewell of the world of chili, and what was described by all to whom I
ever served it,
Hoping for the best. . .

Cheers! Audrey Hall





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