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TUESDAY - Sept. 8, 2009



I have been to many first time cookoffs, but this ranks right up there as being one of the best run, co-ordinated, attended cookoff ever!!! Plus the fact we were in Camarillo where the temperature was in the mid 70's!!!! What a change for most of us! To get out of the smoke that has engulfed the LA area lately, it was great change.

I can't give enough thanks, or congratulatious to, Yvonne Parker for her hard work. The amount of time she spent working out all the little details were evident in the end result. Joel Erickson (Chief Judge) and I met with her and she showed us everything she had done, and we were impressed!! The result of all her hard work led to a very sucessful day for the Camarillo Hospice and to all of those who attended. I also want to thank June for the attention she gave the judging area. She helpled get us the water, beer and everything else we needed.

A special thanks goes to Sandy Nirenberg who made sure everything, and everone, was having a great time. Based on the number of attendees, I know this was a HUGE success!!

My thanks to those who came to cook; from the Bay area to San Diego, did we had chili cooks!!! We had 21 Red, and 8 Verde cooks. Thanks to all of you, next year WE ARE A REGIONAL!!!! So don't miss this one next year!

Thank you to the judges who came to support this wonderful event, without you this would not have been as much fun as we all had.

I need to thank some very special people: Beverly Erickson and Debbi Drake helped me keep score; Debbie LaFarr was our Beer Fetcher ( we lost June somehow). Thanks for handling that. All of them MADE me sit down and just have some lunch as they took care of the judging tables. I want to say an extra THANK YOU for that!!

OK, the winners:



3rd Sachiko Brecke

2nd Greg La Roche

1st Paul LaRoche


5th Howard Choate

4th Suzie Baumberger

3rd Ron Burt

2nd Syvlia Rasey

1st Jim Rasey

As you can see, this was a family won cookoff!!!

Thanks again to all of you; your support and help are greatly appreciated.





Chili, Blues 'N Brews Regional Cook-Off News


Looking for a great chance to make the World's in Verde? We currently have 5 cooks signed up and of course need 7 but look at the odds? 1st place is $250, award plaques for top 3… if you enter the PC with 2 gallons ($500 purse) we won't charge you the $30 entry fee. Sign up at www.chilicookoff.com or visit www.waynesborodowntown.org for a registration form.

Contact Rick Moyer at wddi@ci.waynesboro.va.us or 540-942-6705 with questions. Great rate offered for cooks from Residence Inn.


Rick Moyer

Events Coordinator

Waynesboro Downtown Development, Inc.

301 West Main Street

Waynesboro, VA 22980

O: 540-942-6705

M: 540-910-8600

FAX: 540-942-6755






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