Saturday, September 05, 2009

SATURDAY - Sept. 5, 2009


1st Annual File & Spice New Hampshire Regional Cookoff


The day was perfect. It was sunny with temperatures in the low 80's with what was supposed to be a mild breeze but turned out quite gusty at times. The venue was a recreational field set on a hill surrounded by trees. It was totally disconnected from the real world.


The day started out with a parade of fire equipment and classic cars. You could hear the sirens for quite a while before they made their appearance at the cookoff site. A classic car show and a fireman's muster were also part of the event and people came to see the muster and cars, as well as the cookoff. An early estimate was that about 750 people showed up for the cookoff which exceeded expectations.


Cooks came from New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to cook at this event. 2007 World Champion Jerry Buma also came up just to judge. Thanks, Jerry.


The results:

Best Booth

Don Ouellette, NH


People's Choice

Milton Fire & Rescue

ICS Salsa (7 cooks)

5th Place (Honorable Mention) - Ryan Latkofsky, Big Dogs Chili, CT

4th Place (Honorable Mention) – Wendy Hennessey, Tailgate Chili, NH

3rd Place – Darryl Dunnum, Double D's Slow Squirrel Chili, CT

2nd Place – Tracey Navaroli, Hers (not Mrs. Chili Medic), MA

1st Place – Don Ouellette, Top Hat Chili, NH


ICS Red (9 cooks)

5th Place (Honorable Mention) – Don Ouellette, Top Hat Chili, NH

4th Place (Honorable Mention) – Dave Schulman, No Antidote Chili, CT

3rd Place – Scott Navaroli, Chili Medic, MA

2nd Place – Kurt Leithner, Dirty Kurty Chili, NJ

1st Place – Dave Bolduc, Northern Heat Chili, NH (A rookie)


Congratulation to Andre Gagne for putting together this very successful first event. The feedback from the cooks was very positive and we're hoping this event will continue to grow and be even more successful next year.





The San Antonio Regional Chili Cookoff was an overwhelming succes for a 1st year event.Judging done by 50% ICS cooks and schooled new judges. The BEST Chili's and Salsa won. We couldn't have asked for a better venue,crew, or non profit ever!

1st place Cindy Reed Wilkins
2nd place Bob Lisherness
3rd place Barbara Herrin
Chili Verde
1st place Bob Lisherness
2nd place Bob McNaughton
3rd place Vicky Elsford


1st Place Red Chili Bruce Wilkins Got a beautiful trophy and a autographed guitar
2nd place Steve Ashman
3rd. place Louis Gonzalez

A really great day was had by all as was evidenced by all of the happy cooks faces!
More tomorrow from the Texas State Chili Cookoff!
If you want to se the pics,please go to
Kat and Michael Freedman





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