Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TUESDAY - Oct. 27, 2009

Wannatouchama Regional


It was a beautiful day in Apple Valley. All of our chili friends and family were smiling down on us and giving us wonderful weather to enjoy our first gathering after World. Tony and his crew (all of the Apple Valley Rotary were there working) did a remarkable job... beginning with dinner Friday and Breakfast Saturday morning. Thank you all for making us glad we came and looking forward to coming back next year! Jim Maehl did his usual terrific job as Chief Judge; Claude Covington kept the mob (and there was a mob of public there) entertained; the scorekeepers: Donnie Gordon, Karen Ray, Donna Inglese, Bill Ray and Willma Maehl made sure the numbers were right; Phil Morosky and his wranglers kept the judging area running smoothly. Thank you to all the volunteers, so make it work and are appreciated! Not only by those of us involved in putting on the event, but by the children of the area as in the past 7 years the Rotary of Apple Valley has donated approximately $107,000 to their Children's Literacy programs and should add considerable to that from this year's event. Now the winners:


Restaurant - Newton's Outpost Cafe

Community - Terry Hauck - One 2 One Mentors

Rotary Challenge - Gary Hadland - Victor Valley Rotary

First Time Cook (We had 3) - Angelo Capozi with 6 points


Best Booth (was a tie)

2nd Place - Bruce Pion

1st Place - Geraldine Villapondo


People's Choice

3rd Place - David Longman CA (1st time Cook)

2nd Place - Bruce Pion CA

1st Place - Leo Morin CA


Salsa (13 Contestants)

3rd Place - Celia "Tootie" Gray CA

2nd Place - Marian Donato CA

1st Place - Tish Crawford CA


Verde (15 Contestants)

3rd Place - Jim Beaty CA

2nd Place - Jim Rasey CA

1st Place - Eileen Beaty CA

Red Chili (26 Contestants)

3rd Place - Ray Bogart NV

2nd Place - Eileen Beaty CA

1st Place - Red Brecke CA




ICS - Soldiers Angels - Project Valour It


As most of you know, ICS and Soldiers Angels have been working closely together to support our military with morale boosting projects. Check out the link below for the latest project from Soldiers Angels.






Southwest Airlines re-educates ground personnel.

Propane stoves OK to transport!!



Jim Stoddard, your star reporter on the job. Your stoves are now safe, AGAIN, on Southwest airlines. Copy, paste, and print the email at the bottom and have it handy in case there is an issue. Tape it to your stove and keep a copy with you. Terlingua travel with your stove on Southwest is guaranteed! I will update my website (http://alienpilot3.googlepages.com/home).


If anyone has a problem with transporting your stove, come to me. I am your "go to guy". I will not only get local station compliance, but will get your stoves back if confiscated. Don't just give it up.


Please don't call or email the contacts you see listed in the email. I am the point of contact. We don't want to mess up a good thing…


Jim Stoddard



From Len Legge <Len.Legge@wnco.com>

sender-time Sent at 1:27 PM (GMT-05:00). Current time there: 10:26 PM.

to James Stoddard <alienpilot3@gmail.com>


cc Darrell Gora <Darrell.Gora@wnco.com>,

Kim O Connell <Kim.OConnell@wnco.com>,

David Woodard <David.Woodard@wnco.com>,

Terry Gleason <Terry.Gleason@wnco.com>,

Dennis Keller <Dennis.Keller@wnco.com>,

Monty Sparks <Monty.Sparks@wnco.com>,

Bud Stokes <Bud.Stokes@wnco.com>


Date Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 1:27 PM

Subject Transportation of Propane Stoves on Southwest Airlines




Thank you for your email about transporting propane stoves that use compressed gas cylinders.

I have coordinated with our SWA Ground Operations Manager of Standard and Regulatory Compliance, Mr. Darrell Gora, here at headquarters and can confirm that the propane stoves that you describe are acceptable for transportation on Southwest Airlines.

Our source document for this can be found in the SWA Ground Operations Manual (GOM) under Section 10.030.00 - Camping Equipment. The language that is applicable can be found in the second exception to the rule which states:

"...with the following exceptions: ... Flammable gas-fueled equipment-Camp stoves, heaters, lanterns, or other camping equipment that uses compressed gas cylinders will be conditionally accepted as checked or carryon baggage. The cylinders themselves must be removed and are prohibited in checked and carryon baggage whether they are empty or full."

You may use this communication to copy and have as an explanation to our personnel at the station for the proper reference.

It was good to hear from you again and trust that you are well.




Len Legge

Manager Flight Operations Team

Flight Operations

Southwest Airlines

Tel: 214-792-4815 (O)





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