Tuesday, June 08, 2010

TUESDAY - Jun 8, 2010

Clarksville Missouri Regional


Held June 5th was great success.

The weather was hot and the chili was too.

Butchwax and the Hollywoods performed in the Clarksville Riverfront Park. We watched the towboats and barges along with the trains.What a site Lock and Dam 24 in the background with highest point on the Mississippi looking over the river. What a setting to see. The Artisans in town had shops full of hand made items and even our Trophies were made by them. We pride ourselves in that fact

Every one got a can of Chili Man Chili to take home. We are happy they helped Raintree Arts Council with this event


We had 25 red contestants.

We signed 4 new cooks to the ICS


Anything goes contest

1st place Tom Calvert, wasn't enough to have his hat trick was gracious enough to come to Clarksville and add to Raintrees Fund Raiser



Salsa (I thought I was thin in salsa but these winners came thru for us)11 entries

3rd Place Larry Eastep

2nd Place Mary Thomas

1st place George McMinn, Decatur Il going to the World!!!!!!!!!


Chili Verde 10 entries

3rd Place Mark Hurt

2nd Place Allan Miller

1st Place Todd Finn Going to the World


Red Chili 25 contestants

5th Place Carolyn Wilson

4th Place Jim Schmedeke

3rd Place Larry Wright

2nd Place Mary Cannon

1st Place Dearl Thomas Going to the World


Thanks to all the Cooks, Volunteers and Board Members that made the event successful



Show Me Missouri State


(Our 1st Mo. State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


The day was absolutely perfect. Weather was sunshine and mild in temperature. Music was great. Jerry Epperson and The Original Chili Band, performed in the Mississippi River front Park. This was our 1st Mo. State competition, we look forward to more of them. We surprised visitors with Cans of Chili Man Chili to take home.


Anything Goes 9 contestants to help Raintree Arts Council

1st Place Larry Wright


Salsa 7 contestants

3rd Place Bill Capps (Our general manager for Raintree, we have him hooked on cooking now)

2nd place Dearl Thomas(winning red yesterday wasn't enough for him

1st Place Joni Deere Pana Il


Chili Verde 9 contestants

3rd place Chris Toney

2nd Place Mark Hurt

1st Place Robin Seuferer Iowa


Red Chili 17 contestants( We are happy with these numbers for 1st state cookoff)

5th Place Jim Weller

4th Place George Rives

3rd Place Todd Finn

2nd Place Winn Ross

1st Place Carolyn Wilson (from 5th yesterday to 1st today)


Thanks to all the cooks for coming to Clarksville, We love having you .

Thanks to Raintree Arts Council Board Members

Thanks to Adam Glosier, Margie Greenwell and Helen Mirick (Judging and wranglers)

Thanks to Ladies that manned the entry gates

Thanks to All the Sponsors

Thanks to all the Volunteers who helped both days

Thanks to Mike Brewer and Mike Greenwell who provided the Clarksville Regional Trophies

Thanks to Great Riverroad Pottery for making trophies for Show-Me Missouri State

Thanks to Bill Blakey who puts up with me during this event and Makes it a success with me

Thanks to ICS that sanctions these events and allows us to be part of it

I only hope I have not forgotten anyone. but if I have I still want to Thank you




Arizona State Chili Cookoff


Only 5 days left until the Arizona State Championship in Payson, Arizona, at the Mazatzal Casino. There is still room to add some more cooks!!

Prize money:

Red Chili is $1000, $500, $250,

Chili Verde $500, $250, $100,

Salsa $250, $100, $50.

Best Booth and People's Choice pay $250 each.

Also, nice trophies will be given out.


Salsa Turn-in is 11:00 am,

Chili Verde at 12:00 pm,

Red Turn-in at 2:00 pm.

Awards at approximately 4:00 pm or sooner.


Looking forward to seeing you chili cooks in Flagstaff at the Route 66 Regional on Saturday, and Payson on Sunday, for a wonderful chili cooking weekend. Of course, you can still gamble and win some money at the Mazatzal Casino before , during or after the cookoff.


Bob Plager

Chief Judge


Linda Mathiesen






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