Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday - May 4, 2006

CALIFORNIA STATE 06’   -   Mike Austin

 The Friend’s of San Bernardino Parks along with Wal-Mart, El Pato and many other Sponsors are putting together another exciting event.

The 33rd Annual California State Chili Championship and 2nd Annual  Menudo Contest is Sat. May 6th 2006.    All of our winners in the ICS divisions move on to the World’s Championship.   The entry fees for Traditional Red, and Verde are $30.00 plus 2 Gals. of People’s Choice Chili.  Please feel Free to bring more, as we have large crowds and we will have additional chili on hand to give out.  If you are cooking by yourself, we will have people on hand to help hand out chili.  Please help us.  People’s  Choice  is not an option, it’s a must.  And it is part of your entry fee.  Thank You.

Judging - We have a top notched ICS crew, Bill Ray is our Chief Judge and Karen Ray our Chief Scorekeeper.  Also Donnie Gordon will be assisting scoring for all non ICS events. 

Steve Porter will be our Emcee. Steve keeps things moving right along.  Claude Covington emcees the second stage and assists where needed.  Mimi Voiles will MC the Mr. Hot Sauce.  Dennis Macklin is our site co-ordinator and assists where needed.  Other Contests Include Ms. Chili Pepper, and The Famous Shoot and Holler.  Encourage your Chili Team members to get involved.

PS, Yes, We will be Roasting another unsuspecting chili cook or ICS associate.  At the 10am Cook’s meeting.  Don’t miss it.  It may be you, who knows.

Thank You

Mike “Ughlee” Austin


(909) 883-3596 or

Remember to have fun in good taste!

The Friend’s of San Bernardino Parks also Thank You for your Support.





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