Monday, August 25, 2008

MONDAY - Aug 25, 2008

Oregon State Chili Cook-off

The winners for the Oregon State Chili Cook-off are as follows:

3rd - Linda Hammerich, Bonanza, OR;

2nd - Debra Turner, Taylorsville, UT;
1st - Lynn Robinson, Lincoln, CA
Chili Verde

3rd - Dionne Cooley, Reno, NV;

2nd - Scott Stanley, Tacoma, WA;
1st - Jim Beaver, Mommoth Lake, CA

3rd - Jim Beaver, Mommoth Lakes, CA;

2nd - Ray Bogart, Boulder City, NV,
1st - Harry Robinson, Lincoln, CA
Thank you for those of you who traveled the long way to Bonanza. It was a great
turn out for the public and perfect weather. We appreciate all your support to
the Bonanza Volunteer Fire Dept.
Thank you,
Glennise Tyree





Another great day at the Alibi Lounge in Reno. It all started Saturday night with a complimentary steak barbecue at the Alibi. Thanks to those cooks who traveled from Bonanza, Oregon after the Oregon State Cookoff on Saturday to compete in Reno on Sunday.The Reno Regional results:


Salsa--3rd Ron Judson CA

2nd Debra Turner NV

1st Karen Gaddis


Verde--3rd Adrian Fuhrman CA

2nd John Jepson CA

1st Shawn Huffman UT (won tiebreaker)


Red--3rd Margo Knudson CA

2nd Ray Bogart NV

1st Sonny Allen NV




Thistledown Regional 8th Annual

Chili Cookoff

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Once again the Thistledown race track in North Randall, OH. was host to their 8th Annual Chili Cookoff sanctioned by the International Chili Society.

Brent Reitz (General Manager) and Heather McCollock (Marketing Director) always do an excellent job of organizing this event. It seems as if each year they again outdo themselves in their efforts towards the cooks, judges, and public support. They especially take care of the chili participants.

This cookoff would not be possible without Brent, Heather, and their staff......Hats off to all of them!

We must also recognize Ken and Diane Kostal (Chairman & Chief Scorekeeper) for all their work in running a very smooth and fun filled event and weekend.

Ken and Diane organize and run about 4 or 5 ICS cookoffs each year and they are always GREAT to be with.

We had a beautiful day for chili and horse racing. Several hundred dollars were raised through donations from the chili for the "Injured Jockeys Fund" and Thistledown Charities.

As well, Thistledown not only provided Thoroughbred racing, live music, plenty of very nice gifts, along with more than $1700 in prize monies. (Extra if you were good at the ponies!)

You may want to set your schedule up for next years Regional Chili Cookoff here in Cleveland just 15 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

You can be assured of great chili and salsa and a very good time.


SALSA 10 contestants

8 judges

3rd = Ted Morgan 9 pts. (Columbus, OH.)

2nd = Lynn Berkebile 11 pts. (Vermilion, OH.)

1st = Ron Smith 12 pts. (Huntington, WV.)


VERDE 10 contestants

9 judges

3rd = Gary Schmey 6 pts. (Cincinnati, OH.)

2nd = Brian Warmuth 9 pts. (Wheeling, WV.)

1st = Bill Donovan 12 pts. (Cincinnati, OH.)


RED 20 contestants

12 judges

5th = Debbie Sinclair 6 pts. (Columbus, OH.)

4th = Bill Donovan 6 pts. (Cincinnati, OH.) won tie break

3rd = Ted Morgan 7 pts. (Columbus, OH.)

2nd = Dave Sinclair 7 pts. (Columbus, OH.) won tie break

1st = David Mallory 14 pts (Kitts Hill, OH.)


As you can see by the results there were some excellent chili and salsa and some very happy winners.

Lookout......the Donovan's are back !! They can't wait to get to Las Vegas

It was a very "Happy Smiley Truck" going back to West Virginia for Ron and David for their ride home.

For David.......this completes his "Hat Trick"

Also a special thank you to Debbie Sinclair and to Debbie Williams........Thanks

Brett would also like to give the Sinclair's a special thank you for their donations.


Congratulations to all the contestants........They are all winners!




Rocky Mountain Regional & Colorado State Cookoff Results


Two great cookoffs were held at the base of the Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado this past weekend. The weather cooperated fully versus the weekend before with 3 - 4" of slushy snow. Patty McCarthy, Chairperson, her "main" helper Aaron Davidson, and countless other volunteers, helped make these cookoffs a huge success. Kathy Plager, and her scorekeeping crew, kept all the scorekeeping duties running smoothly, and as usual, kept Bob Plager, Chief Judge, in line.


When the Ski Train arrived from Denver around noon on Saturday, 650 people immediately hit the cookoff area for People's Choice Chili. Over $1800 was raised selling tasting cups for the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) in Winter Park this weekend. The "Guac-off" Guacamole division on Saturday was a success again, with more cooks saying they'd do it next year. Very nice porcelain chili bowls and cash money was given out to the winners.


On to the winners:

Rocky Mountain Regional (Saturday)

Guac-off - 5 contestants

HM 4th Place - Andy Gatschet (tied for 3rd)

3rd Place - Hank Wedemeyer

2nd Place - Bonnie Tomasek

1st Place - Nolan Cordova


Salsa - 8 contestants

3rd Place- Lynn Pruett

2nd Place- Chuck Burdick

1st Place- Nolan Cordova


Chili Verde - 10 contestants

3rd Place- Eunice Dortch

2nd Place - Kathy Weiss

1st Place - Mike Gatschet


Red - 20 contestants

HM 5th Place - Lynn Pruett

HM 4th Place - Mike Rook

3rd Place - Dianne Gatschet

2nd Place - Lynn Kost Virant

1st Place - Bonnie Tomasek (A runaway, she was very surprised) - Completes her Hat Trick


Colorado State (Sunday)


Salsa - 8 contestants

3rd Place - Dan Dortch

2nd Place - Tori Cordova

1st Place - Chuck Burdick


Chili Verde - 13 contestants

3rd Place - Andy Gatschet

2nd Place - Greg Virant

1st Place - Dianne Gatschet (one happy family this weekend)


Red - 13 contestants

5th Place - Alan Pan

4th Place - Judy Wedemeyer

3rd Place - Nolan Cordova

2nd Place - Mike Rook (Yes, that's 6 (six) 2nd Place finishes this year)

1st Place - Lynn Kost Virant (Grinning from ear to ear) - Completes her Hat Trick





This years Golf Tournament will be held at the Primm Valley Golf Club on the Desert Course. This extremely nice golf club is in Primm, NV, right on the California-Nevada State Line. Because of a connection we have through Mike Rook, we have a smoking deal rate of $75.00 to play here. This is a 4 and a half star course!

With the airlines nailing you for everything you take with you, think about renting clubs for $50.00, they will be high quality ones. First tee time is at 12:10 pm on the 9th. We have 3 people committed at this time. Please let me know ASAP if you'll be joining us this year, in case we need to make additional tee times. I can be reached at or on my cell, 928-853-1161. See you on the course!





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