Tuesday, November 03, 2009

TUESDAY - Nov. 3, 2009

ICS Merchandise FIRE SALE!

We have the ICS Merchandise in stock at "fire sale" prices!!! If you would like to purchase anything, we will bring it to Laughlin in January or we can ship it to you. Please e-mail your order to us at firefrog1@sbcglobal.net - We will advise the shipping charges based on number of items. Sorry, no credit cards – checks, money orders or cash only. Once your payment is received we will mail the merchandise.


Dennis and Allene Macklin


Polo shirts - $15

Black – 2-2X

White – 1-M, 4-3X

Gray – 6-S, 7-L, 3-XL, 5-3X


T-shirts – $5

Gray – 5-S, 13-M, 19-L, 10-XL, 5-2X, 1-3X

Red – 1-S, 7-M, 8 L-8 XL 9-2X


Sweatshirts – $12

Red – 2-S, 2-M, 2-L, 2-XL, 7-2X, 2-3X

Gray – 3-S, 7-L, 6-XL, 5-2X, 7-3X


Denim shirts - $15

Blue – 13-2X, 5-3X

Black – 16-2X, 3-3X

Tan –5-2X, 1-3X


Long Sleeve T-shirts - $10

Gray – 3-S, 2-M, 5-L, 2=XL, 6-2X, 7-3X

Red – 1-S, 1-L, 1-2X, 14-3X


Women's tops - $15

White – 1-2X, 3-3X

Black – 4-3X





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