Sunday, June 14, 2009

SUNDAY - June 14, 2009

Delaware Valley Regional Chili Cookoff


The new venue for the Delaware Valley Regional Chili Cookoff Concert and Festival was at Gloucester County's beautiful new Dream Park, a state-of-the-art equestrian complex. The chili cooks as well as vendors were housed in two very large covered pavilions, and there was plenty of room nearby for all the food vendors, 2 stages and lots of stuff for the kids, including a petting zoo. While in the judging tent getting ready, we watched a steady stream of cars carrying spectators coming to this event in its 4th year. None of the cooks needed covers, and the pavilions provided great coverage during the various rain showers. The sun couldn't decide if it wanted to stay out, but the worst of the storms stayed away until overnight. We had a large variety of cooks, many new cooks just competing in People's Choice, but we also saw cooks from all over the country. Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, New York and even New Jersey were represented. Rhone Carr worked tirelessly the last few months getting this event to the success that it was. Dave Lorenz does a fantastic job helping Rhone in all sorts of areas as well as getting the judges and then educating them on what to expect. As Chief Judge, Dave was assisted by Steve Falkowski and several members of Dave's family as well as some volunteers from the area. The end result was a very smoothly run judging tent.


The winners were:


People's Choice:

5th – John Taylor

4th – Ginnie Ashline

3rd – Victoria Bracero

2nd – George Benas

1st – Daniel Dienner



Tie for 3rd

4thDamir Penava, NJ

3rd – Jim Parker, VA

2nd - Victor Gehring, NJ

1st – Christine Johnson, PA


Chili Verde:

Tie for 4th not broken

Dave Mallory, OH
Jim Parker, VA

3rd – Kurt Leitner, NJ

2nd – Kimberly Mallory, OH (losing a tiebreaker)

1st – Christian Parker, VA


Red Chili:

3 way tie for 4th

6th – Jim Weller, IL

5th – Bob Hall, IL

4th – Kit Hoff, OH

3rd - Doug Johnson, PA

2nd – Kimberly Mallory, OH

1st – Diane Lentz, KY


Congratulations to all the winners.






Sunday July 5th 2009


We are looking for cooks and judges. This is a nice cookoff right on Lake Gregory in the San Bernardino Mountains. There will be live bands, vendors and a beer garden.

The Chairman for this event is Bob Yeomans (909)496-0143 and he is raising money for The Back Yard Equestrian Center, which do work for young people. The Chief Judge this year is Mike "Ughlee" Austin as Steve and Aggie Wright had a vacation cruise already scheduled. Our Chief Scorekeeper is Kathy Stewart and wranglers will be Mike Stewart and Tony Austin

Please send your entries in on the ICS website, so we can get a count of cooks coming up. Please don't forget your People's Choice as it is part of your entry fee.

Thank You

Mike 'Ughlee" Austin

(909) 883-3596





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